This valuable resource library is now open and available to anyone working to promote Health and Wellbeing in Hartlepool.   The library is located in Community Hub Central, York Road, Hartlepool and returnable resources need to be collected from Central Hub.

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Featured Resources


Bullying & harassment situation cards

Exceptional activity cards which can be used with individuals or with groups, feature real-life bullying / harassment situations which actively educate by encouraging students to debate and discuss solutions. This 60-card set depicts bullying dilemmas familiar to students of all ages, and can be used in school or youth settings.

The situations allow young people to explore various options and consequences as they learn to resolve bullying and harassment dilemmas without the threat of an actual confrontation; this gives them enough time to ‘think’, which promotes effective learning. Bullying situations include:
• Physical
• Sexual
• Name-calling
• In-direct
• Being a bystander.

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The Feelings Artbook

The activities and worksheets in this resource use drawing as the basis for exploring emotional issues and promoting children’s emotional literacy.  The book is intended for anyone who spends time with children, including teachers, learning mentors, therapists and parents.  It is organised in three sections: Self esteem; Emotions and Empathy.  The instructions for the activities include a clearly stated aim, a suggested outline of how to conduct the activity and 2 optional follow-on ideas.  Flexibility is central to the design; the activities can stand alone or be incorporated into an emotional literacy programme.  All the pages can be printed off in colour from  the accompanying CD.

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Fishing for feelings

Fishing for FEELINGS is a fun new card game that is based on the classic game of Go Fish. The vibrantly coloured decks of cards have open ended questions that allow players to express their feelings in an open-ended and non-threatening way, while giving examples from their own experience. Players also discuss the benefits of recognizing their feelings and identifying the feelings of others.

Learning Objectives
Players will understand:
1. how to recognise their own feelings
2. how to express feelings verbally in a mature way
3. how to identify feelings in others
4. how to handle difficult situations that involve strong or negative feelings

A rules sheet and facilitator guidelines are included.

Most suitable for ages 5-11- Game takes about 20 minutes to play - 2 to 5 players

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Emotions Blob Cards

Encourage young people to talk about emotions.  What are the Blobs? They are neither male nor female, young or old, slave or free! They are open to interpretation. Each character could be you, your best friend or a personal enemy. What’s true for you might be completely the opposite for someone else. Blobs are a way to discuss issues in a deep, meaningful way and yet they can be understood by adults and children alike.

The groups of Blobs on these cards are acting in many familiar ’human’ ways: celebrating, fighting, feeling left out, supporting or ignoring each other. Looking at Blobs together instead of alone enables you to explore a wide range of feelings and emotions to do with personal and social interaction.

Contents: 48 full-colour cards and 8 instruction/ideas cards containing suggestions for activities with small or large groups and one to one, boxed

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Hand in Hand - emotional development through literature

This resource gives a wealth of ideas and activities which show how modern children's literature can be used to explore some of the major themes of children's growth and development.  Themes covered include growing and growing up; friendships and relationships; grief, loss and bereavement; fears; being safe, staying safe and talking about feelings.

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Woman's Own Cancer Special - Winter 2019/2020

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) has again partnered with Woman’s Own to create another special edition copy of the magazine for GP surgeries, providing patients with information about cancer prevention and early diagnosis in a unique and engaging way.

This brand new bespoke edition is full of early diagnosis and cancer prevention messaging to patients. It’s full to the brim with inspiring real life stories and includes special health reports and Q&A with a CRUK nurse.

Order copies for your waiting room or staff room today.

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What's New

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week is 20-26th January 2020.   Visit Jo's Trust website to order a small pack to make a display -

PHE will launch the next phase of their ongoing nutrition campaign in the new year.  More details soon.

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